Great Books About Snakes for Kids

It is wonderful for kids to learn about as many animals in this biologically diverse world, even the creepy crawly ones like snakes. In fact, it might be even more important for kids to learn about the not-so-popular animals in this world. That is because, quite often, conservation efforts are reserved for the cute and cuddly (a phenomenon known as "survival of the cutest"). Here are a few books that will help children learn about snakes and dispel the myths that keep people from loving these amazing creatures.

"Snakes" by Gail Gibbons

Suggested age range: 4-8

Gail Gibbons is a popular non-fiction children's writer who has written several books on animals. In "Snakes," Gail brings together all kinds of information about snakes from fun facts to descriptions of various snakes' appearances. All of the information is easy to follow and concise. This book also contains illustrations for your kids to look at.

"Amazing Snakes!" A Level 2 I can read! book by Sarah L. Thomson

Suggested age range: 4-8

This book contains loads of great photos of snakes. It also contains lots of great information that is easy to follow. In this book, Sarah discusses general facts about snakes and even provides some information on threats to snake populations.

Fangs! series by Eric Ethan

Suggested age range: Varies

There are six books in the Fangs! series by Eric Ethan. All of them contain pictures and great information on the various snakes they highlight. They are good for kids ages four and up.

Books in the Fangs! series:




"Boas, Pythons, and Anacondas" 



"The Snake Book" from DK Publishing

Suggested age range: 4-8

This book is great for its pictures. Sure, it contains some good information on species life cycles, habitat, etc. However, the pictures are so vivid and up close that they make the book. You can see every scale on every snake in these great pictures. Kids are sure to love them.

All of the abovementioned books are perfect for kids. They contain information that even an adult could use, but are written in a way that makes them easy for kids to read. Eyewitness Books has many books that fit this description as well. And, while they don't have any advanced books that are strictly about snakes, their book Reptiles is worth taking a look at, as it contains several pages worth of snake information.

Shelly Barclay

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