My Favorite SCPs or Check Out This Great Website

If you have never heard of or read anything from the SCP Foundation, now is the time do it. I discovered this site years ago by chance and remember staying up extremely late that night reading entries. The premise of the site is that it is the database of a secret organization that catalogs and keeps strange objects and creatures. The "stories" on the website are written as entries in the database by SCP staff. There are a lot of these entries, so expect to spend some time there.

Each of the entries on the SCP Foundation wiki was created by a fan who took the time to carefully craft an SCP. Now, before you groan at the thought of user-generated content, let me tell you that the site is rigorously policed. If something is not up to par and done by the site's specific guidelines, it is gone. The result is a very consistent collection of SCPs. Now, my favorites, which is what we are getting to, are all scary or creepy ones, so if that is not your thing, head over to the site without my guidance. If you like scary, check these out.


This SCP entry is the highest rated on the entire site, so I guess I'm not the only one who likes it. It is brief, but brilliant despite its brevity. The picture (many of these entries come with a picture of an object or creature) is a strange humanoid thing in a room with what looks like brown gunk on the floor. It also appears to have blood on its face. Creepy enough, but kind of par for course when it comes to fright. It's the description and how this creature must be contained that will get you. Doctor Who fans will be reminded of "Blink."


This SCP is left up to the imagination for the most part. There are so many pieces of the entry left out on purpose and so much allusion to a horrific series of acts done for the greater good, so to speak, that the reader has to fill in many of the blanks. If you are anything like me, this will leave you with a chilling tale. Feel free to comment here about your thoughts on this SCP.


I both love and hate SCP-087. The set up for the chills is brilliant. The picture is perfect for the entry. There is a ton of extra content that is well worth the read. Of the three here, this one is my new favorite, if only for the amount of additional content that adds to the story so well. What you are going to get is a seemingly never-ending staircase down into nowhere, the sound of a baby crying and a menacing humanoid entity that makes me super psyched that this kind of thing is not real.

Please, if any of you ever try your hand at writing an SCP, share it here. I love reading these things and love being pointed in the direction of new ones. Also, good luck, whether you are a reader, writer or both.

Shelly Barclay