Book Review: "Gator a-go-go" by Tim Dorsey

"Gator a-go-go" is a Serge A. Storms novel by Tim Dorsey. Those of you unfamiliar with Serge A. Storms and Tim Dorsey should know that Serge is not for the faint of heart. He is a psychopathic serial killer with a fun side, a moral side and manically obsessed side. People with a sense of humor about morality and drug use (by Serge's friends) will have no problem digesting "Gator a-go-go." People who have very strict moral compasses that do not allow laughter in the face of sadistic murder should probably look elsewhere.

In "Gator a-go-go," Tim Dorsey pairs Serge with his longtime friend Coleman. Coleman, like Serge's other friend Lenny, who is absent in this novel, is a laid back, copious drug using miscreant. He is not necessarily a bad guy. At least, he is not Serge-level crazy, but he is reckless in an often funny way. Along the way, Serge and Coleman pick up a number of companions, some students and a couple of promiscuous, drug-using women.

The main plot of the story is another fiasco that Serge manages to get caught up in and somehow make right with his inventive methods of killing evildoers and his limitless knowledge of Florida history. Tim has him in far-fetched, yet clever situations, as usual. Also as usual, there is not much to differentiate this novel from the rest of the Serge A. Storms novels. However, Serge is an interesting enough character to keep this stream of novels appealing and satisfying.

Shelly Barclay

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