Book Review: Book Six of the 39 Clues Series: In Too Deep by Jude Watson

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The 39 Clues is a children's book series that is written by various authors. The plot of this series surround two children, Dan and Amy Cahill, who have been enlisted by their grandmother to hunt for 39 clues left behind by their ancestors. There are a few problems, though. Their trip is part of their grandmother's will, so no help there. Their parents are dead, so no help there, either. Oh, and the rest of their extended family is also on the hunt for the clues. They are rich and ruthless and do not want Amy and Dan Cahill to find the clues, which are hidden around the world. Just another problem in the life of Amy and Dan Cahill, but they do not let it bother them. Their parents and grandmother wanted them to find the 39clues. There is also the added bonus that whoever has the 39 clues will be the most powerful person in the world.

Book Six of the 39 Clues series is titled In Too Deep and it was authored by Jude Watson. In this book, Amy and Dan find themselves headed to Australia and then Indonesia on the trail of Amelia Earhart and some crazy 1800's scientist. This is not a problem for Amy and Dan. They are used to looking for clues from people who are dead.

The thing about Book Six: In Too Deep of the 39 Clues series is that it does not differ much from the rest. You would never be able to tell any of these books are written by different authors. They all feature Sherlock Holmesesque situations where very far-fetched assumptions are made between vague clues and they assumptions are always correct. Amy and Dan are chased by their family members, helped by at least one, almost killed by at least one, as well. They find some weird connection to their parents in a far off land. They fight. They make-up and remain ahead of the game in the hunt for the 39 clues. It is really all very convenient and repetitive, despite the change in location in every book.

Do not get me wrong, In Too Deep and the rest of the 39 Clues books are not all that bad. They are meant for children and children have been devouring them. However, they do seem to be a testament to just how gullible our children are when it comes to action packed adventures. Just about any explanation for the seemingly impossible will do and these authors, including Jude Watson, know it.

Shelly Barclay

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