The Stupidest Angel by Christopher Moore

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The Stupidest Angel by Christopher Moore is a heartwarming holiday tale of friendship, love, a stupid angel and . . . zombies. Okay, maybe it isn’t that heartwarming. However, it is everything that you would expect from Christopher Moore. It’s farcical; it’s ridiculous; it’s outright funny and it’s got a talking bat in it. What more could you ask for?


Christopher Moore is never disappointing if you're into irreverent humor and don't take your reading too seriously. The Stupidest Angel is no exception. The titular character Raziel is sort of Heaven's screw-up; Dale, is the drunk then dead Santa of this Christmas tale; There's Josh, the little boy with a Christmas wish, Lena–the Santa killer, Molly–the crazy lady with a sword, Theo–the stoned cop, Roberto–the Micronesian fruit bat and many more wacky personas. The characters may even be what makes this novel so good. The plot is all right, but the characters are priceless . . . even the dead ones.

The plot of The Stupidest Angel is quite simple. A bumbling idiot of an angel shows up in a small California town, scares everyone, tries to help a little boy’s wish come true and manages to turn the residents’ Christmas party into a comical horror movie. Throw in a Santa murder investigation, a love affair and a marriage that is suffering because Molly isn’t taking her medication and is starting to go off her rocker and you’ve got the gist of the whole book. Oh, wait, I forgot about the dead people gossiping amongst each other in the chapel graveyard. That is a very important feature of the novel.

All in all, Christopher Moore’s The Stupidest Angel is a very easy read that is well worth the couple of hours it should take to consume it. It may not be the most intellectual or insightful novel, but it doesn’t lack in laughs and gross outs, which is exactly what this writer’s readers are looking for. The Stupidest Angel is easily outshined by Christopher Moore’s Lamb, but the book does the trick.

Shelly Barclay

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