Author of the Month: Suzanne Collins

Suzanne Collins
courtesy of Scholastic

Those of you that read Cracked Spines regularly, if there is any such person or persons, may notice that there has never been an author of the month on this blog. Therefore, you might be asking yourself why the title of this post contains the phrase. Well, being ambitious likely beyond what my schedule will allow, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about one author per month here on Cracked Spines. Why not talk about the people behind the books on a book blog? I'm starting with Suzanne Collins, an exceptional writer of children and young adult novels.

If you know Suzanne Collins, and you probably know at least her work, you likely know her as the woman who wrote "The Hunger Games" trilogy. This successful trilogy has been talked about on Cracked Spines before and with good reason. It's brilliant. The concepts are not exactly new, but the way she assembled them certainly is. Nonetheless, "The Hunger Games" is not all this talented author has conjured up.

Suzanne Collins began her career as a television writer. She did children's shows on prominent networks like Nickelodeon. In fact, I did not know it then, but I watched a show for which she was a writer when I was a kid, the totally lame but secretly loved "Clarissa Explains it All." In 2003, she transferred her talent to novels with the first installment of her popular "Underland Chronicles." The rest has been literature and Hollywood history.

Here's to you, Suzanne Collins. Thanks for writing children's books that are easily enjoyed by adults as well.

If you have a favorite novel or television show that she has been a part of, share it in the comments!

Shelly Barclay