Day three: Reading the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer

So, it turned out that the second book in the Twilight series is New Moon. As soon as I got that figured out, I cracked the spine with an unexpected relish. In a way, I was eager to figure out what happened next. I have a suspicion that this may be because everyone else on the planet knows what happened except me. (I should take the opportunity at this point to explain that this article will have some spoilers, just in case I am not the last person on Earth to read Twilight and the one other person who has not stumbles across my article.) This time, I was prepared for Isabella Swan to be over emotional, but I wasn't prepared for just how over-emotional she was going to be nor was I prepared to actually smile a few times reading the story (more on that later). Overall, New Moon by Stephenie Meyer is proving to be a better read than Twilight was and Twilight was not the total flop I thought it would be, but you will know that if you have been keeping up with my Twilight experiment.

New Moon starts with Bella's birthday. She is predictably complaining that people are paying attention to her birthday. Before you think she is selfless and simply does not like attention, I should mention that she is menstrual about it because she does not want to get older than her boyfriend - Edward Cullen. Cullen just so happens to be more than one hundred years old, but he was seventeen when he became a vampire. Bella is turning eighteen. (I know, freaking tragic, right?) She finally caves and goes to a birthday party where she gets presents, which she complains about, but accepts somewhat graciously. Before you know it, she is hurt (again) and Edward's vampire brother is freaking out trying to suck her blood while the others are trying to stop him. Of course, Edward rescues her (that part is really getting old). However, Edward starts to act funny and then leaves Bella for parts unknown. Bella throws herself into a pit of despair that is essentially the plot of New Moon. Bella freaks out. Bella gets sad. Bella finds someone else to rescue her - Jacob Black.

Jacob Black was the source of my amusement while reading New Moon. I think I was amused because I actually like his character. That may be because he does not brood like the rest of them. (Unfortunately, I think he is about to start brooding, but it is forgivable because the kid is so damn likable.) I will try not to give away too much and just say they (Bella and Jake) become close friends. Jacob is a laid back, joking, Native American. That could be another reason I like him. He is not as stressed out as just about everyone else Bella blathers on about. However, I get the feeling he is turning into a werewolf. At least, I gather as much from all of the gushing people are doing over these books and movies.

I am at a point in the book where Bella is constantly doing stupid things and getting hurt. In contrast to her earlier damsel in distress moments, this is not because she does not know how to use her feet. She is doing it on purpose to bring Edward closer to her. (Long story.) Now she has a dreamy, muscular, bronze-skinned boy doing all the rescuing. There are certainly moments where I felt like I was reading the same thing repeatedly. I kind of hope that, at some point, there will be different relationship dynamic somewhere in this girl's life. Sure, she mentions having to "take care" of her parents, but there really is not much of that actually happening in Stephenie Meyers' books so far. She makes dinner for her dad and tells her mom what to do. That is about as helpful as Bella Swan gets.

I sort of get the sense that I am not soaking up as much of these books as I could be because I zone out when things get repetitive. Every time Bella bleeds and someone has to wrap his strong arms around her and carry her somewhere while she protests, I kind of fade out and start wishing my worn copy of Dune were closer to my bed.  *sigh* More on New Moon by Stephenie Meyer tomorrow. I am not giving up.

Shelly Barclay 

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