Day six: Reading the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer

I have finished Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer and am preparing to crack the spine of Breaking Dawn. I hate to say it, but I am a little excited to see how things finally wrap up for Bella, Edward and Jacob. I know Bella and Edward will get their way because that is what Twilight seems to be all about, but what about Jacob, the least selfish character of the bunch? Well, Eclipse leaves him heartbroken and Bella halfway to marrying Edward and becoming a vampire.

*Spoiler Below

The plot of Eclipse involves a small army of newborn vampires attacking the Cullen family. Guess who they are looking for. If you did not guess Bella, you have not been keeping up. Yeah, they are looking for the usual target and the Cullens are fighting to save her. This time Edward actually sits out. Well, he is supposed to anyway. Jacob also fights these vampires to keep them from getting to Bella, but unlike Edward, he gets an awful lot of crap from his best friend along the way.

Stephanie Meyer did somehow keep me going until the end of the book. However, for me, it felt less like a stand-alone novel than a stepping-stone to Breaking Dawn. I realize that is how they are meant to be, to an extent, but this book simply raises more questions than it answers, making it even more transient, if you will. The entire book is simply a precursor to Breaking Dawn with a little vampire/werewolf war thrown in so that it is not too much of a hallway, so to speak. Right now, I am not so much thinking about the book as I typically would be after finishing a book. I am more thinking about the questions I cannot wait to have answered so I can move on with my life and on to cracking the spine of something that is not part of the Twilight series. I am sure you all cannot wait for something different, either.

So, I bid you adieu. When I return, it will be with at least some knowledge of what happens to Bella, Edward and Jacob. Hopefully, Stephanie Meyer will give a happy ending for her favorite werewolf. I am sure that is how it will be. Stephanie Meyer does not seem to be the unhappy ending sort. In fact, not one main character has died who cannot be seen as having deserved it. When I am done with this, I promise I will review something by someone who does not shy away from killing some of the good guys. Let's face it; that is real life.

Shelly Barclay


  1. I am now quite sure; this series of books holds zero interest for me. So glad you're doing the reading! Cheers!

  2. Let me know if you read anything I should avoid. :)