Day one: Reading the Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer

In my introduction to my attempt at reading Twilight, I explained why I was doing this and why many of you would think it was odd. Read it here, if you need to catch up.

Preface and first chapter of Twilight by Stephenie Meyer down and the only thing I could remark upon was the contrary nature of our leading girl-woman, Isabella (call me Bella) Swan. Her tone is slightly whiny, but I can see tweens and teens relating to her unhappiness moving from a sunny city to a small, rainy town in Washington. However, from what I can gather, she made the decision on her own and cannot seem to stop bitching about it. She is also very whiny about the people who try to help her on her first day of school, calling them things like over-helpful. However, she is quick to judge a girl who is judgmental about the Cullens and deem her "jealous", who are bound to be the shiny vampires I keep hearing about. At that point, all there really is to say about Twilight by Stephanie Meyer is "the narrator doth protest too much."

A few more chapters down and Twilight gets less painful for me to read. Bella is still slightly whining, but more is going on, so Stephenie Meyer has less opportunity to let Bella dwell on how miserable everything makes her. Luckily, Bella Swan's object of obsession - Edward Cullen - proves a more intriguing character than Bella. At this point, I already feel the disappointment that is bound to come when all his secrets are revealed and there is nothing intriguing left about him. I have to admit, the fact that he always seems to be laughing or mad at the infuriatingly miserable Bella makes me kind of like him. I know it is bound to end, though. From the little I know about Twilight, I have ascertained that the two become quite the couple. *yawn*

Stephenie Meyer may have created the penultimate damsel in distress with Twilight's Bella Swan. Just a short while after Edward Cullen starts being friendly with Bella (I imagine this part of the relationship is much more enjoyable if you do not already know that he is a sparkling vampire.), Bella faints at the sight of blood and is rescued by Edward. *double yawn* If this book wasn't so popular, I would be wondering if there is a place left for helpless females in modern literature, excluding romance books. Obviously, the answer is yes. Maybe that is why the book is so popular. There are not enough helpless females in fiction anymore. Who knows?

Finally, hours after cracking the spine of Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, Jacob is on the scene. Have I joined team Jacob yet? No. As far as the book is concerned, Edward is more my speed - sarcastic, mysterious and all of that. Who knows, though? Jacob might grow on me.

It is getting easier to see Twilight through the eyes of a tween. However, I am still not convinced these books deserve the amount of popularity they have garnered. Nevertheless, maybe it is too soon to tell and I am being harsh. I have not even finished Twilight. Maybe tomorrow I will have finished the book and have a better idea of what I am dealing with.

Shelly Barclay 

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