Day five: Reading the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer

I left you off having read New Moon and cracking the spine of Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer. There are a few things I could say about the first half of this book that are going to annoy Twilight fans. Before anyone gets their hackles raised, know that I liked the book. There were just certain aspects of it that grated on my nerves. You should not be surprised. Eclipse and New Moon grated on my nerves as well. In tribute to my nerves, I am going to skip summarizing the first half of this book and simply tell you what I liked and what I did not like, just in case you care or want to argue with me about it. Feel free to do so. I love talking books.

Okay, the number one thing that is irking me about Eclipse so far is Bella. I know. You are all so surprised that the narrator is irritating me. I do have a good reason for it. In all of the Twilight books so far, Bella has been very quick to use Jacob and Edward when she needs something. Both of them are quick to comply and that is normal of loving relationships (even in the real world). What is irksome about it is that she treats them unequally. In other words, she flips out on Jacob about things that she lets slide with Edward. It would not even bother me if the whole first half of the dang book were not Bella obsessing over how they treat each other and how she treats them. I could have done without it.

Of course, you all know that Bella is in danger in Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer. Even if your only exposure to the Twilight series is my articles about my experience reading them, you know this. It is the central theme of nearly the entire series. Bella is in trouble, Jake and Edward help. This time, Bella's trouble is putting everyone else in danger, which is also unsurprising. This lack of surprising plot scenarios and turns was disappointing. I was hoping something would change. That, coupled with Bella's constant abuse of Jacob's good nature and indulgence of Edward's jealousy is enough to render the first half of this book unrecognizable as a book on the supernatural. No matter how many times I spotted a good plot through this mess, I could not shake the feeling that I was reading a V.C. Andrews book. (That is not a compliment coming from me.)

What I did like is that the plot is unfolding in new ways and it seems like there will be closure to the "action" of Twilight and New Moon. Eclipse may wrap all of this "Bella is in trouble and Jacob is her dartboard" stuff up and bring about something a little more intriguing. I was pulled into the story, as I was in the first two, but I still cannot bring myself to love every aspect of this book. Something tells me it would have been insanely better if it were geared toward adults instead of teens. The Twilight series could have been one of my favorite series if I could have erased the selfish teen relationships from its pages.

Well, I am off to finish this one up and move on to Breaking Dawn. Despite every complaint I have, remember these books are pulling me in on their own merit. There is something about them, but I cannot say what it is. I have a feeling Breaking Dawn is going to be more gritty and therefore, more my style.

Shelly Barclay


  1. I had the same reaction to the first two books, and couldn't bring myself to read on. My 27-year-old son, however, who loathes love stories and typically has no use for the whole vampire/undead scene, loves these books! Weird....

  2. That is too funny. You never know what books some people will love.